• Bench Sales

    Bench Sales

    Bench Sales, also known as “Bench Marketing,” is a recruitment process. The bench sales recruiter identifies contract (or C2C, or Corp-to-Corp) requirements from job boards, social media, and other online sources. The recruiter then determines whether the candidate will fit the role based on their experience and skills. Once they are approved, the recruiter will Read more…

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  • Dedicated Offshore Recruiting Teams

    Dedicated Offshore Recruiting Teams

    Offshore recruitment is a type of business process in which exporting some line of work from developed countries to areas of the world which have political stability and lower labour costs. Recruitment is an arrangement in which one company recruits new employees for the better flow of work or hires a subsidiary for the same. Read more…

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  • Elite Recruiter

    Elite Recruiter

    Snappyhires loves to provide the right kind of support to hire qualified candidates for your recruitment needs. Contact us if you are looking for a recruitment agency in India to hire IT or non-IT professionals for your organization. Our expert recruiters understand the different types of IT and non-IT recruitment to find the right fit Read more…

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  • Night search

    Night search

    You will be assigned a dedicated resume sourcer who will coordinate with your internal team and assist you with your resume as part of the Snappyhires Night Sourcing program. This type of recruitment search is a partnership between the client and the recruiter, shortlisting the best and most qualified candidates. Other terms include “engaged search” Read more…

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  • Resume Sourcing Specialist

    Resume Sourcing Specialist

    Snappyhires provides staffing businesses with an extremely successful offshore resume sourcing service. Candidate sourcing is a targeted, determined approach to researching and securing expert candidates. They have responsibilities that include searching social networks and portfolio sites to identify potential candidates; sending recruiting emails; and organising an effective employee referral system.

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