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Recruitmentportal provides complete full HR arm to clients by coming with the special to some client or trade lands ruled over expert knowledge as well as ability to get hire person.

We have following expertise:



The permanent staffing recruitment practice of Recruitmentportal caters to providing companies, all levels of talent and domains for their direct positions. We also believethat success of a company is always depends on the dedicated company people who are involved in the day to day activities of the company.

Our sourcing secret design is based on common and non-conventional methods and marked in the direction of meeting the power, be good at needs of the persons for whom one does work. We are highly got ready with in fact sound ones giving expert opinion who are able of taking the candidates through step by step process so that they can effectively value the candidates and place them as needed.

Recruitmentportal takes to be the same forward look candidates for different positions in a company, who can easily buy in to the goals of the organization and also adjust themselves with the society development of the organization. Assessments are made based on different facts formed by the clients as well as our expert knowledge gained over several man years of giving (up/over/to) like arms. We also have as owner special to some science or trade power to do to put a value on the candidates on full of changes parameters.


Advantages of permanent staffing to the companies

Advantages of permanent staffing to the Employees


Contract Staffing

A member of staff may be classified based on their employment contract: permanent or temporary. A temporary worker or a temp is basically an employee hired by a company, usually from the temporary staffing agency, to work for them for a short period of time.. A contract employee is hired for a specific job at a specific rate of pay. A contract employee does not become a regular addition to the staff and is not considered a permanent employee.


Contract Technical Staffing:

It is all about spending the effort and expense to search, interview and hire new employees and then lay them off afterwards, assuming the qualified staff can be found. Or, second, calling an employment company such as Continental and hire one of Continental’s technical employees to do the job.

And  the second option, the company contracts Continental to provide Continental’s technical staff for the job. When the job is completed, the Continental contract technical staff returns to Continental for reassignment to another job. All contract technical staff benefits (medical, vacation, holidays, etc.) are paid by Continental, and there is no unemployment cost to the client company. Contract technical staffing greatly reduces cost, paperwork and HR functions for the company while giving them instant access to the technical resources they need.



Contract employ mental lows both parties to evaluate their connecting point and relevance for along run working relationship most contract assignments lead to permanent employment.


Contract Services

The provision of supervised services under contract, for a specific project or period of time. “Contract Services” implies a fee-for-service pay structure that can be at a fixed rate or at an hourly rate.


Contract Staffing

A diffuse term in general use which usually implies a “co-employment” relationship where a labor contractor supplies staff to a third party for a specific function and time period, at a specified hourly rate.


Contract Technical Employee

A temporary employee with technical skills who is employed for an extended period by a contract technical firm but works at, and is supervised on a day-to-day basis by that firm’s client. Typical contract technical jobs are engineering, draftsperson, designer, technical writer and editor, illustrator, programmer, and systems analyst. Job length typically is 3-12 months but may extend to two years or longer.