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About Us

Snappyhires Pvt Ltd is one of the best-certified HR Service and Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider companies.

Our India headquarters are in Delhi and have served across the country to support our clients in several domains and sectors. We offer full service and solutions in HR, CWS (Contingent Workforce Solutions) using MSP &VMS, RPO-Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and HR Analytics. We are also Microsoft Certified Partner for cloud computing solutions and have our own Empower suite of products on Cloud.

We have been supporting some of the best names in the industry in IT & Non-IT recruitment across multiple domains and locations.

Our Advantages –

  1. We have the experience and expertise in quality staffing and hence understand challenges and have sound mitigation plans in the event of any deviations.
  2. Our USP is VALUE for money by providing QUALITY work with low TAT and we take pride in that.
  3. We may or may not represent you in the market. Hence guarantee better and clear communication with candidates.
  4. We will provide benefits that will add value to your organization and help us build a successful business partnership.

We Specialize in both IT AND NON-IT. We are well versed in Healthcare, Health Plans, Revenue Cycle Management, Health Systems, Finance, Education, e-Commerce, Government and Telecom job orders, etc.

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Responsibility –

 Sourcing Specialists are experts who help make the sourcing process of a company or institution more efficient. They do this through building relationships with suppliers, negotiating costs, and developing agreements that ultimately help a company grow and become more profitable. Research experts will be working based on your requisitions and get trained newcomers. Snapyhire offers the best Sourcing Specialist Service in the USA.

Sourcing is the process of finding resumes within the recruitment process. Recruiters, both third party and corporate, need to find qualified candidates for their open job orders, oftentimes with very unique or niche work experience. All mentioned processes get carried under the KRA of the sourcing manager who handles the company’s end-to-end sourcing operations. The successful candidate will be able to appraise and improve our sourcing activities by analyzing the company’s spending, supplying partnerships, and new possibilities.

Sourcing Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

In order to facilitate an efficient sourcing process, a Sourcing Specialist performs many different tasks. We analysed job listings for Sourcing Specialists to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Build Relationships with Suppliers

To facilitate the sourcing process, the Sourcing Specialist forms relationships with important suppliers in the industry. Sourcing Specialists must maintain relationships with their suppliers to ensure continual improvement in sourcing.

Negotiate Deals

Sourcing Specialists are responsible for negotiating deals and contracts with suppliers. They negotiate pricing, quantity, and delivery schedules. Should anything change in the sourcing process, they’re responsible for renegotiating new contracts as well.

Draft Contracts

The Sourcing Specialist then drafts detailed contracts to be reviewed by both the company and the supplier. They work in conjunction with the legal counsel to include all of the details of their negotiation. Once the contract is complete they submit the necessary paperwork and communicate contact deals with their company.

Understand Company’s Commodities

In order to be an expert in the sourcing process for their company, the Sourcing Specialist must have an in-depth knowledge of their commodity industry. They have to understand the ins and outs of the commodity to know how to effectively source it, and they also have to know all key players and suppliers in the industry.

Sourcing Specialist Skills

Sourcing Specialists are there to solve problems and increase efficiency, so they must be highly analytical and detail-oriented. In order to successfully negotiate, they also need to be excellent communicators who are persuasive and have great interpersonal skills. Juggling many tasks at once, they’re great at prioritizing and highly organized.


Snappyhire believes in the serving responsibly and always gives support to working through common (to 2 or more) slas Service level agreements

Snappyhire is fixed to quality services and is experienced for quality services across the industry. We have a belief in having a long-term view and never take shortcuts to please an engagement just to score points. Our process is an adjustment to events and metric-driven organization and we fight for qualities of note.

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