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Fortune 500 Company

When the company was performing well in terms of sales in 20219, they faced talent leakage at the entry level and the middle level, They tried to manage the recruitment through their referral programmes. However, experts believe that in order to meet the shortage, a robust recruitment system is required, so they have decided to outsource their recruitment process.

Our client also needed a large number of professionals due to the launch of a new branch. And the RPO service provided by our recruiters proved to be 100% effective. Our specialists have created a recruitment team of eight, and, working together, operated under the client’s name and brand. Thanks to this move, we have already improved its Employer Branding already at the stage of preparation for the recruitment process.

The recruitment team helped promote the company’s brand and business focusing mainly on social media and video materials. Using new media within the promotion process, we have gained the confidence of reaching a large number of recipients. Video marketing has enabled us to create valuable films and promote them on the web throughout all distribution channels. This way, we’ve made it possible to meet the company—for its potential employees, partners, and customers.