Bench Sales

Bench Sales  Recruiter is a Sales, Account or Recruiting person at a staffing company that is responsible for marketing that company’s ‘bench’  consultants, that are not working on projects at that point of time .They find requirements, propose their candidates and place them on projects with Clients or Tier 1 Staffing agencies in the US.


  • Bench sales recruitersTo meet the demands of the Clients or Tier 1 agencies, Tier 2 staffing agencies hire H1b consultants or develop their own ‘virtual bench’ of H1b candidate from other companies or OPT visa (recent graduates) consultants. Often times even US citizens and green card holders work with bench recruiters with an informal understanding that they can be represented to clients. This is because Bench Marketers may have a better network of recruiters and staffing agencies and a better knowledge of the market.


  • These H1b/OPT/Citizen consultants get hired into projects and then terminated at the end of the project after 6-12 months. When these consultants come off a project and there is no immediate next project for them to work on, they are said to be ‘on the bench’ like the ‘extras’ on a sports team that sit on the bench in case someone gets injured or tired.


  • If a candidate is finalized the bench marketer would sign a Corp-Corp contract which is basically a subcontracting agreement. The ‘bench marketing’ company continues to run the payroll for the consultant, and the consultant now works through the Tier 1 staffing agency at the end client’s work site.


  • The profit the bench staffing agency makes from placing the bench consultant needs to be higher than the cost of the bench sales recruiter which is why this is only feasible to do from India.


  • The Tier 2 staffing company needs to get these consultants onto billable projects as soon as possible and so they employ these ‘bench marketers’ whose job is to advertise these consultant’s resumes on job boards and local freelancer marketplaces, apply to jobs posted on job boards, cold call Tier 1 staffing agencies, send out ‘hot lists of consultants’ to potential customers, make submissions, and once they identify a position, they arrange interviews, negotiate rates, and finalize the contract with the customer.

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